Tractor Pull | Dead Weight, Cement

9:00 a.m. Sunday, August 23

Brian Trinkle (734)216-6967, Dennis Trinkle 475-2234, Superintendents
1.  Please read general rules and regulations beginning on page 11.
2.  Contestants must provide the Superintendent with their Social Security Number.
3.  Pull will begin at 9:00 a.m. SHARP.  This is a dead-weight pull on cement.  All tractors must be weighed in at Chelsea Fairgrounds according to the following schedule.  Scales open at 7:30 a.m. Tractors up to 3,750 pounds (Class 2405) are to be weighed by 8:30 a.m.; Tractors in classes 2406 & 2407 to be weighed by 9:30 a.m.  All tractors in classes 2408-2410 should be weighed in by 11a.m.
4.  Entry fee is $15.00.
5.  Cards must be signed by parents of minors (under 18 years of age) before tractors will be weighed.
6.  Contest is open to rubber tired, wheel type farm tractors. Not materially altered from original factory specifications. No 4-wheel drives. No cut down, smooth tires allowed. No wear between treads. No industrial or knobby tires.

7.  Weights cannot protrude over 30″ from the front of the tractor.

8.  Entry limited to one tractor per class, and one driver per tractor. Each tractor allowed in one class only.

9.  Winner will be determined on a maximum deadweight basis. Tractor pulling greatest weight in each class will be the winner.  Full pull is completed when marker is tipped over.
10. Drawbar height for classes 2405, 2406, and 2407 limited to 18 inches. Tractors over 6,000 pounds can have a drawbar height to 20″.The drawbar cannot be raised after the pull has started. If you have to pull off more that once because of drawbar height, you will be disqualified. Must not be more than 1 inch of washers between drawbar and clevis.
11.  Each contestant will receive three pulling chances at first weight, two pulling chances at each weight thereafter. Clevis should have 3 inch minimum hole for hook. Clevis to be flat and parallel to ground. Thirty second time limit per pull. No jerking allowed. Brake or differential lock can be used.
12.  R.P.M.s will be checked on all tractors. Tractors may not exceed more than 15% over factory recommendations. If the R.P.M.s are too high, it will have to be changed before they pull or you will be disqualified. If the judge questions the R.P.M.s, they can also be checked after the pull.
13.  Front end height will be no higher than 24 inches. The judge can and will stop the pull if they feel you are operating unsafely.
14.  Wheelie bars can be on the tractor for safety, but if they touch the concrete, the pull is over.
15.  Tractors will be weighed in with driver. No driver changes allowed after weigh-in.  All weights to be bolted or affixed in a secure manner. If a weight is not secure, it must be made safe or taken off.
16.  No modified tractors.
17.  There cannot be any support of drawbar or clevis with a three-point hitch top link.
18.  Absolutely no drinking of alcoholic beverages during contest either on or around Fairgrounds.
19.  All rules will be interpreted by the superintendent and the official judges until the start of the contest, thereafter, the judges decision will be final.
20.  The superintendent in charge of pull will have full power in any dispute or matter not covered in rules.
21.  No standing on tractor during pull even if it appears driver is sitting in seat.
Class                        Premiums
1st        2nd       3rd        4th       5th        6th        7th       8th      9th    10th
2405 3,750 lbs.    $100     $90       $80       $70      $60       $50      $40      $30      $20   $10
2406 4,500 lbs.    $100     $90       $80       $70      $60       $50      $40      $30      $20   $10
2407 6,000 lbs.    $100     $90       $80       $70      $60       $50      $40      $30      $20   $10
2408 8,000 lbs.     $100     $90       $80        $70       $60        $50
2409 10,000 lbs.   $100    $90       $80        $70        $60       $50
2410 12,000 lbs.   $100    $90       $80        $70        $60       $50
Trophy for 1st place, all classes.  Rosette for 1st, 2nd & 3rd places