Figure 8 Derby

Chelsea Community Fair Figure 8 Race

Wednesday, August 24 – 7:30 pm

Jeff Layher, 475-9106; Todd Whitaker, 517-596-9617, Rick Beeman 475-9264, Superintendents

Rules & Regulations:

1.       Cars that ran in last year’s derby at the Chelsea Fair are allowed.   No fresh car may be used for the final heat.

2.       Front wheel drive, mid-size cars.

3.       Entry fee for driver $25.00, includes pit pass.  All other personsmust purchase a pit pass for $10.00.

4.       Limit of 50 cars – no pre-registration.


6.       Reinforcement of driver’s door is MANDATORY!  No cement, no I-beam, no guard rail.  The minimum reinforcement size is 3” wide, 3/8” thick and may not exceed 2” protruding from car.  It MUST be bolted on each end with 3/8” or larger bolts and must extend 4” past door seams.  YOU MUST HAVE TWO BRACES EVENLY SPACED ON DRIVER’S DOOR!

7.       Original gas tank must be removed from car.

8.       Original bumpers must remain on car.

9.       Maximum wheel base 110”.

10.     No extra weights of any kind may be added.

11.     Cars tires only and air only.

12.     No entries after 6:30 p.m. on the evening of the derby.  No pit passes sold after registration is closed.

13.     Hood must be held down with a maximum of two chains that are no longer than 24”, chained in two spots – left front and right front.

14.     A BOAT TYPE TANK or equivalent must be placed in rear of car.  The tank must be flat, no upright 5 gallon cans.  Gas line or hose must be secured to nozzle of tank with hose clamp.  Tank must be securely fastened to floor of car.  A non-flammable fire wall is required over tank.  Gas line must be run through firewall on floor, under seat.  Steel fuel line must be used instead of rubber through firewall.

15.     Tires cannot be screwed to rims, no studded tires.

16.     Excessive body crimping not allowed.

17.     Fuel injected cars must have fuel shut off switch.

18.     A hole must be in hood, not to exceed 12”.


20.     Batteries must be moved to passenger compartment inside the car.

21.     Front and rear bumpers can only be looped one time.  The chain must go through the hood and the trunk deck once on each side of the car.

22.     Two safety straps (1/8”x2” solid steel strap or welded one on each side) or bars securely attached from bottom of windshield are necessary.  These must be evenly spaced to prevent hood from coming inside car.  They must be bolted below hood line.

23.     All cars entered must have title at time of entry.

24.     Event pays cash and trophies.