Fair Parade

There are two parades during the Chelsea Fair week. The Children’s Parade marks the opening of the Fair on Tuesday at 5:30 and the Chelsea Fair Parade marks the closing of the fair on Saturday at 1pm.

Chelsea Fair Parade

ROUTE: West on E. Middle St. starting at S. East St. to south on Main St. to west on Old U.S. 12 ending at Old Manchester Rd.

Please contact the Chelsea Area Fire Authority at (734)475-8755 with questions and to secure a float permit.


  1. The parade begins at 1:00 p.m.
  2. All barricades go up at 12:00 noon.
  3. Parade participants may start to lineup at 10:00 a.m., no earlier
  4. All parade participants must comply with the general rules and regulations set forth by the Chelsea Community Fair listed within this book.
  5. Floats and Fair Queen candidates wishing to be judged must be completed, in place, with their judging card filled out and in hand by 11:00 a.m. Floats and Fair Queen candidates not ready at 11:00 am may not be judged.
  6. All other parade participants (excluding horses and horse drawn vehicles must be completed and in place by 12:30 pm.
  7. Horses and horse drawn vehicles are to lineup on the north side of Park Street between East Street and Main Street facing east at 12:30 p.m. All riders are to keep their horses on the roadway. All horses must behaviorally and medically parade suitable.
  8. All parade participants must park as close to the parade participant ahead of them as safely possible leaving driveways open.
  9. All floats and Fair Queen candidates are required to get a permit by the Thursday before the parade. Permits are obtained by visiting the Chelsea Area Fire Authority at 200 W. Middle St. , Chelsea, MI 48118.
  10. Alcohol is NOT permitted during the lineup and/or the duration of the parade. Failure to follow this rule will result in immediate removal and that parade participant will not be permitted to participate in the parade indefinitely. A letter will also be sent to the Fair Board notifying them of the violation.
  11. Any delay caused by a parade participant during the lineup or duration of the parade will result in immediate removal and that parade participant may not be allowed in the parade the following year.
  1. All candy thrown shall not have any sticks and must be thrown completely to the curb.
  2. A port-a-john will be located at the northwest corner of Park St and East St.
  3. No bicycles are allowed in the parade.
  4. An able driver must remain with each vehicle at all times, in case movement is required during line-up, and maintain a clear view of the parade route during the parade.
  5. All hitches are to have a safety pin or nut and safety chains in place.
  6. Parade participants utilizing a generator must have accessibility to a 5 lb ABC type fire extinguisher. The exhaust on the generator must be in a direction away from any participants.
  7. A safety inspection will be conducted during the parade line-up. Any safety violations must be corrected or will result in immediate removal.


  1. The vehicle used to tow the float must be in place when the float lines up.
  2. No vehicles, aside from the float tow vehicle, allowed on Park St between East St and Madison St.
  3. All floats must be assembled on either a farm wagon or flat bed trailer able to be towed.
  4. Any participants who are part of the float theme must be with the float at the time of judging.
  5. Float prizewinners pictures will be posted on the CAFA website within one week after the parade and are divided into two classes (Adult and Youth). Prizes for each class include: 1st-$70, 2nd- $55, 3rd- $45, 4th- $35,


1. All demo derby vehicles must be secured tot the trailer and have their battery disconnected from the vehicle. If not, a Firefighter will disconnect the battery with cable cutters, no exceptions.

2. At no time shall a demo derby vehicle be started during the parade. Failure to follow this rule will result in immediate removal and that parade participant will not be permitted to participate in the parade indefinitely. A letter will also be sent to the Fair Board notifying them of the violation. 

See the Premium Book for line-up instructions.

Childrens’ Fair Parade

Tuesday, 5:30 (Check the schedule for dates & times)
Sponsors- Chelsea Kiwanis Club and CHS Key Club
Superintendent- Sam Vogel, Superintendent

As has been the tradition for over three decades, the Chelsea Community Fair will kick off with the Childrens’ Fair Parade. The parade is for young children, ages 3 – 12, with decorated bikes, wagons, etc., to ride and walk from downtown Chelsea to the Fairgrounds where kids’ games and other activities await their arrival.

The parade will form in the municipal lot behind the Common Grill. The route will proceed west on W. Middle St. to Grant St. Left on Grant and proceeds to Pierce St. and then right on Taylor St. The route will cross Old US 12 and proceed down Chelsea-Manchester Rd. to the lower gate into the Fairgrounds. The lower gate is being used in hopes of alleviating some of the crowds at the front gate.

Judging of decorated bikes, wagons, etc. will begin at 5:00 pm with parade stepping off at 5:30. The 2012 Fair Queen and the 2013 candidates will lead the parade. Parents are reminded that for the safety of everyone, they should walk with younger children in the parade. NO GAS POWERED vehicles or horses are allowed to intermingle with the children during the parade. Parents with questions can contact Sam Vogel, Kiwanis Key Club Advisor, at 475-7831. The parade is sponsored and supervised by the Chelsea High Key Club and the Chelsea Kiwanis Club.

Entries include: 

  • Three to Five Year Old Category (Parents are requested to walk with their children in the parade route)
  • Six to Eight Year Olds
  • Nine to Twelve Year Olds
  • Miscellaneous, Mixed Ages