Youth Horse Show

Youth Horse Show (19 yrs and under)

Lucy Heimerdinger, Superintendent 475-1758

Entry forms are available at McCalla Feeds, Farmer Supply, Chelsea Animal Hospital, Lane Animal Hospital, Vogel’s Party Store and Dexter Mill, or contact Lucy at the number above.  You can also download the form by clicking here.

You can also download the class list here.

1. Please read general rules and regulations on page 12 of the Chelsea Fair premium book.2. EXHIBITOR FEE is $20 per exhibitor/horse combination. This fee must be sent with the entry form, check payable to Chelsea Community Fair, see # 11 below.3. The Superintendent and/or Fair Management have the right to refuse any entry.

4. Each exhibitor is to purchase an ‘exhibitor passes from the fair office (not included in entry fee).
This permits a vehicle and a driver onto the fairgrounds through the exhibitor/handicap gate.
All other persons in the vehicle will be required to pay the daily fee or purchase a season or student pass.

5. You are also able to pre-order an exhibitor pass and student pass on your entry form. Payment is to be sent with the entry form. Passes will be in your packets at haul-in. No refunds on pre-purchased passes.

6. AGE OF EXHIBITOR is determined as of January 1 of the current year.
Anyone 19 yrs old and younger as of January 1 of the current is eligible to enter.

7. 4-H rules will apply. Reference: 4-H Horse & Pony Project Show Rules & Regulations (revised 2011). MIHA 2013 Rules & Regulations used for Equitation Over Fences, Reining, Saddle Seat Pattern, and English/Western Riding Patterns

8. STALL SPACE will be given first to horse/pony exhibitors of previous year (only if entries are received by the deadline). Residents of the Chelsea & Dexter School Districts will be given second priority. If the barn does not fill with previous year exhibitors and Chelsea/Dexter exhibitors, entries from other local areas will be accepted. All entries received after August 1 will be placed ‘first come, first served’. Please mail entries early as stalls are filled first come, first served. Entry fee will be returned if a stall is not available.

9. Two horses per exhibitor allowed. One horse can be shown by a maximum of 2 riders (unless one of the riders is in the Lead Line Division, see #23). Except the Lead Line Division, all additional riders must fill out an entry form, send negative coggins, and fee. They must be received by July 15 see # 11 below.

10. A copy of the current year NEGATIVE COGGINS TEST must accompany entry form.

11. Please return all entries, exhibitor fees, and copy of negative coggins test by July 15 to Lucy Heimerdinger, 10600 Boyce Road, Chelsea, MI 48118. Also include payment for exhibitor/student gate passes if applicable. Any entry missing a coggins test and/or payment will not be considered as first come, first served and will be put at the bottom of the list. Make check payable to Chelsea Community Fair.

12. The classes listed will be split between Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. Class order is subject to change. Show bills will be available on Monday of the fair. Classes will not begin before 9 am.

13. Friday & Saturday will be fun classes, no pre-entry necessary. No premiums will be given but special prizes will be awarded. Classes will be posted in the barn. On Saturday there will be a break for the parade. This is subject to change.

14. Horses are to arrive between 4 pm and 9 pm on Monday before the fair. The barn will be open all day Monday for decorating and bringing in tack boxes, etc…

15. All horses must remain on the fairgrounds until Sunday after the fair. All stalls must have all decorations removed and tack stalls must be emptied before 7 am Sunday after the fair. Exhibitors are to help clean the barn on Sunday morning after the fair. Anyone that does not help clean the barn maybe subject to premium forfeit. Anyone not removing stall decorations maybe subject to a premium forfeit.

16. STALLS AND ISLES are to be cleaned every morning and through-out the day. If horses and/or stalls are not properly taken care of the exhibitor/owner may be subject to premium forfeit and/or may not be allowed to participate with a horse the following year. Horses are to be fed before 8:30 am unless Superintendent is notified.

17. Each exhibitor will receive a packet with show bills, authorization forms, back number, etc… A parent or guardian must be present to receive this packet of information. It is your responsibility to read and follow announcements posted in the barn as well as the packet information. Exhibitor and student passes will be provided if paid for with entry form.

18. DROP/ADD FORMS must be filled out and turned in before 9 pm the day before the show.

19. BARN AWARDS: will be judged for cleanliness of stalls and isle, along with politeness and attitude of exhibitors. Decision of the Barn Award Committee will be final. This is subject to change.

20. PREMIUMS: 1st place $6, 2nd place $5, 3rd place $4, 4th place $3. 5th to 10th place $2 and ribbon awarded.
A premium of $2 for classes entered and judged will be given to each exhibitor 5 to 8 years old (Beginner). No premiums for 4 years old and under (Lead Line)-only ribbons. No premiums for 2-Person Relay and Commands Class.

21. Premium Checks not available during the fair, they will be mailed by September 30th.

1. eligible for only classes in the Beginner Division #5;
2. will not be placed, they will receive a participation ribbon and a $2 premium
1. eligible for only Lead Line classes (Division #6);
2. will not be placed, they will receive a participation ribbon;
3. do not pay an entry fee IF they are using a horse already entered;
4. If they bring a horse and are the only one showing the horse, they will need to pay the entry fee

24. Walk/Trot exhibitor/horse combinations are not eligible for walk/trot/canter classes. You will remain in walk/trot classes through-out the fair.

25. CHAMPIONSHIP classes: 1st and 2nd place winners of each halter class & each showmanship class are to show in the appropriate championship class (Halter, English, Western). Exhibitors 8 yrs old & under are NOT ELIGIBLE for Championship classes.

26. GRAND & RESERVE CHAMPION SHOWMANSHIP: This is only for showmanship exhibitors. The exhibitors in this class will be the winners (1st & 2nd) from the English & Western Showmanship Championship classes. Others will be designated by the showmanship judge They can be of any discipline and age division (except beginner and lead line).

27. CONTESTING PLEASURE: These classes are meant for exhibitors with horses that they feel are not suitable for the regular pleasure classes.
Contesting pleasure classes are #16524 to #16529 and #16588 to #16597.
Contesting pattern classes are #16612 to #16664
You must enter 1 or more contesting pattern classes to participate in the contesting pleasure classes.
You can enter just the contesting pattern classes and not contesting pleasure classes.
You can enter both Western and Contesting Pleasure classes.
If you enter contesting pleasure classes under English discipline you can participate in the contesting pattern classes but must wear the English discipline attire.
Attire for all contesting pleasure classes (including showmanship) will be your contesting attire, NOT your western/english pleasure attire. Attire is to be a long sleeve shirt with tie/pin, pants, belt, helmet, and boots.
The shirt may have writing, i.e. Equestrian Team shirts. NO obscene language or inappropriate pictures/words allowed. In contesting pleasure classes helmets are required for all exhibitors.
In the contesting pleasure riding classes your contesting tack is required. Martingales and tie downs are acceptable but NO bell boots, or splint boots, (nothing on the horse’s legs).
These contesting pleasure classes are not mandatory but are used in the contesting high point awards.

28. Trail classes will be timed.

29. HIGH POINT AWARDS: Each age division (except beginner and lead line) will receive High Point and Reserve High Point awards in Hunt Seat, Saddle Seat, Western, and Contesting. There will be a Saddle Seat Walk/Trot High/Reserve Point Award (not W/T Sr and W/T Jr). Points will be given for all classes except championships, halter, 2-Person Relay, and Commands Class. The discipline ridden in the pattern classes will determine which high point award. All contesting classes (pleasure & pattern), except 2-Person relay, are combined for the contesting high point award. Exhibitors 8 yrs old & under are NOT ELIGIBLE for High Point Awards. Procedures for awarding points for High Point/Reserve High Point will be posted.

30. SEI/ASTM approved helmet: must be worn by all exhibitors/parents/relatives/friends when riding on the fairgrounds accept when showing. Helmets are required for all Hunt Seat and Contesting (pleasure and pattern) classes.

31. SEI/ASTM approved helmet must be worn by all riders 8 yrs & under, including Lead Line entries.

32. Exhibitors 5 to 8 years old MUST have a handler (16 yrs & older) in the ring while showing. Exhibitors 4 yrs & under MUST be led in their class(es) by a handler 16 yrs & older.

33. An exhibitor/horse combination can participate only once per event. No re-rides will be granted because of broken equipment.

34. Appropriate dress for each event must be worn. Attire for all contesting pleasure classes, including contesting pleasure showmanship, will be your contesting attire, NOT your western/english pleasure attire, see #27 above. In all contesting pleasure classes helmets are required.

35. Horses demonstrating signs of illness are subject to be sent home. If a veterinarian is needed, the owner/exhibitor will be responsible for all expenses. The Fair Management, Superintendents, Judges, and its helpers will not be responsible.

36. Any horse removed from the fairgrounds before Sunday morning without a letter from a veterinarian may not be eligible to receive the premiums and may not be able to return the following year. The veterinary slip must be received by the horse barn superintendent or a fair board member before the horse can be removed from the fair grounds.

37. Horses are allowed in specified areas only: arena, specified wash rack, barn, and any other areas approved by the fair management. Horses should be in their stall when not in these areas.

38. No trailering in horses on show days. All horses showing during the fair are to remain on the fairgrounds through-out the fair.

39. There will be ABSOLUTELY NO OVERNIGHT CAMPING on the FAIRGROUNDS. A few exhibitors and their parents/guardians will be allowed to stay the night in the horse barn. No other persons will be allowed to stay overnight. More information will be posted in the barn.

40. During the fair horse trailers may be parked against the fence, south of the barn, for the week for feed storage.

41. Unsportsmanlike conduct or inhumane treatment of animals will not be tolerated and may result in appropriate disciplinary action by the Superintendent and the Fair Management.

42. Gate warning for each class will be 1 minute unless a tack change has been requested. Please notify the entry booth if a tack change is necessary.

43. Tack stalls might be provided. Small tack boxes will be allowed in the aisles and must be kept neat. Do not block off any isle for any reason. Horses are to be groomed and tacked in their stall. Chairs and tables are to be kept out of the isle ways when not in use. These rules are for safety reasons.

44. If tack boxes and other items are kept in the isle way they MUST be kept organized and neat. The floor around and under your items MUST be swept. If they seem to be a mess for any length of time you will be given 2 warnings to clean up the area. If you refuse to clean up your area you will be asked to take your tack to your trailer or vehicle to the remainder of the week.

45. Every horse MUST have a halter on their stall at all times. When inclement weather is approaching every horse is to have a halter on.

46. Age Divisions: 1. Senior 15 to 19 years old Horse/Pony Walk/Trot/Canter
2. Junior 9 to 14 years old Horse/Pony Walk/Trot/Canter
3. W/T Senior 15 to 19 years old Horse/Pony Walk/Trot
4. W/T Junior 9 to 14 years old Horse/Pony Walk/Trot
5. Beginner 5 to 8 years old Horse/Pony Walk/Trot
6. Lead Line 4 years old & under Horse/Pony Walk

47. Combined Walk/Trot Classes for Saddle Seat, Commands Class, and for Beginner/Lead Line classes will be judged as one class of Walk/Trot – not judged by age division. The Saddle Seat classes will be used in High Point awards.

48. The Judge, Superintendent, and/or the Fair Management reserves the right to eliminate or combine any and all classes. The decision of the judge is final.

49. Chelsea Community Fair Management, Superintendents, Judges, and its helpers will not be responsible (individually or collectively) for loss, damage, or injury to persons, horses, or property incurred in connection with this fair.

50. Revisions to these Rules & Regulations will be posted in the barn.