Antique Tractor Pulling

Monday, August 22, 9:00 a.m.

Brian Trinkle, (734)216-6967, Dennis Trinkle, 475-2234, Superintendents
1.   Please read general rules and regulations beginning on page 12.
2.   Contestants must provide the Superintendent with their Social Security Number.
3.   The Antique Tractor Pulling Contest is limited to 1940 and earlier models.
4.   All tractors must be weighed in at the Chelsea Fairgrounds on Monday, August 24 between 7:00 a.m. and 8:30 a.m. Pull will begin at 9:00 a.m. SHARP. Tractor to be weighed with driver on the seat.  Contest Officials reserve the right to re-weigh winners.
5.   Entry fee is $10.00.   Percentage pull on cement slab.
6.   Cards must be signed by parents of minors (under 18 years of age) before tractors will be weighed.
7.   Class 2400 (Women’s Powder Puff) will be first class to pull. Tractors are to be 1940 and earlier.  Tractor and/or driver can enter in classes 2401-2404 after participating in the powder puff.
8.   Tractors are allowed wheel weights or channel weights front and rear.  Weights should be fastened securely and not interfere with hook.  Any weights or objects falling from tractor during the pull will disqualify the contestant for that pull only.
9.   Drawbar or point of pull not to exceed 18 inches from the grounds and no less than 17 inches from center of rear axle.  Pull from factory drawbar or safe equipment.
10.  Clevis to have 3 inches minimum hole for hook.  A large twist clevis preferred.  Homemade clevis should be 3/4 inch plate bolted tightly.  D clevis will be allowed if bolted tightly, no shims.

11.  Weights cannot protrude over 30″ from the front of the tractor.

12.  No cut down smooth tires, no industrial tires, no wear between lugs, no dual wheels allowed.  Wheels shall be size and type available at time of manufacture or early conversion from steel.

13.  No 4 wheel drive, no altered tractors.  Tractors must be complete such as hoods, air cleaners, etc.

14.  Each driver allowed only one tractor in each class.  Each tractor is limited to one class.
15.  Driver will be allowed 30 seconds to complete their pull after starting.  Two pulls will be allowed if needed.  Second pull will be taken immediately after first pull. (unless mechanical failure) (first time 3 pulls if needed).
16.  During the pull you are allowed to use brakes.  You cannot shift up or down or disengage clutch, front wheels are not allowed to remain over 18 inches off the ground.  Bouncing will be allowed if driver remains on seat.  If chain jerks or is slack during pull, whistle will blow and pull is over.
17.  RPM not exceed 15% of factory recommendations.  MPH not to exceed 5 mph.
18.  Tractor must have original looking block.
19.  Same rules apply to all classes
Class No.   Weight Classes
0 0-4,500 lbs, 12″ Rims allowed(Powder Puff-Women Only)
1 0-3,000 lbs., 12″ Rims allowed
2 3,020-3,800 lbs.,12″ Rims allowed
3 3,820-4,500 lbs, 12″ Rims allowed
4 4,520 lbs & up, 13″ Rims allowed


Entries in Class   1st         2nd       3rd     4th      5th     6th      7th        8th        9th        10th
12 or more          $100      $85       $75     $65     $55     $45     $35        $25        $15   $10
10                       $100      $80       $65     $50     $40     $30     $20        $20
8                         $100      $75       $50     $35     $25     $10
5                         $75        $50       $25     $10
4                         $40        $20       $10
*Trophy and rosette for 1st place all classes, Rosette for 2nd & 3rd all classes